Representatives of the public at large

Susan MacKenzie
A photo of Susan MacKenzie

Practicing Attorney

Current term – May 2023 to May 2027

Ms. MacKenzie grew up on the West Coast in Vancouver, British Columbia. She completed degrees in Sociology, Psychology and a Doctorate in Law at the University of British Columbia. Throughout her studies, she focused on cultural anthropology, art history, as well as cultural law. As a lawyer Ms. MacKenzie has focussed on Criminal Defence and 1st Nations legal concerns as well as Intellectual Property Law and contracts review for the film industry. Ms. MacKenzie is also trained as a trauma informed lawyer and practitioner both in her previous work assisting vulnerable and diverse communities primarily through health care services, and in her law practice.

Ms. MacKenzie's mother Barbara MacKenzie a scholar herself in Political Science and a woman of great purpose worked with the United Nations and instilled in Ms. MacKenzie a love and appreciation of Art and brought her all over the world to study and learn about it. Art has been an integral part of understanding our world for Ms. MacKenzie since a young age.

During her law studies Ms. MacKenzie has also completed extensive projects on the Restoration of Indigenous Art from museums in Canada to 1st Nations people and communities as well as research on the careful treatment of 1st Nations burial sites within our communities. Ms. MacKenzie brings an open heart with an enthusiastic and careful fair minded approach, to the work of the CCPERB as a new member.

Representatives of collecting institutions

Stephen Borys
A photo of Stephen Borys

Director & CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery – Qaumajuq
Adjunct Professor, History and Business Departments, University of Winnipeg

Current term – February 2024 to February 2028

Stephen Borys is the Director and CEO of the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) and Qaumajuq, and holds an adjunct professorship in the History and Business departments at the University of Winnipeg. Under his leadership, the WAG has expanded its role and purpose in the community, as well as in the cultural and museum sectors nationally and globally, with particular attention to the Indigenization and decolonization of the institution. Dr. Borys was previously chief curator at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida, at which time he held teaching posts at Florida State University and New College. Prior to Sarasota, he was senior curator and lecturer at the Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio; and before Oberlin, he was assistant curator of European & American Art at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, and a curatorial assistant at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. Dr. Borys holds an Executive MBA, a PhD in Art and Architectural History from McGill University, a MA in Art History from the University of Toronto, and a BA Honours in History from the University of Winnipeg. He has organized numerous exhibitions, written accompanying catalogues and scholarly articles, lectured across North America and internationally, and is the recipient of several research and exhibition grants. Dr. Borys is a graduate of the Getty Museum Leadership Institute and the Royal Collections Studies Program. He was awarded the Business and Arts Peter Herrndorf Art Leadership Award in 2023, the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum and Diamond Jubilee Medals in 2022 and 2012, and the Order of Manitoba in 2020. He is a past board member of the Association of Art Museum Directors, Canadian Art Museum Directors Organization, and the Canadian Museums Association.

Daniel Chouinard
A photo of Daniel Chouinard

Retired Archivist, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Current term – May 2023 to May 2027

Daniel Chouinard has a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Université de Montréal. Since 1993, he has been in charge of heritage documents purchasing and donations at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. Over the years, through his work, he has acquired expertise in the acquisition and appraisal of various types of heritage materials such as rare books, posters, post cards and sound recordings. More generally, his work with this institution has led him to develop a keen interest in heritage protection and its transmission.

photo: Michel Legendre, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Tzu-I Chung
A photo of Tzu-I Chung

Curator of History, Royal BC Museum

Current term – May 2024 to May 2028

Dr. Tzu-I Chung is Curator of History at the Royal BC Museum. She received her PhD from the University of Arizona, where she studied political economy, critical race theories, representation in arts, media and culture, and comparative cultural and social history. She was named Exemplary Diversity Scholar by the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan. She has created, led, and facilitated award-winning community history and cultural heritage projects. She researches and publishes on critical heritage studies, transnational migration, cultures of globalization, and the intercultural history of British Columbia.

Laurie Dalton
A photo of Laurie Dalton

Director/Curator, Acadia University Art Gallery.

Adjunct Professor, Department of History and Classics, Acadia University

Current term - January 2024 to January 2026

Dr. Laurie Dalton is director/curator of the Acadia University Art Gallery and adjunct professor, Department of History and Classics, Acadia University. She brings over 15 years of multifaceted museum and gallery experience, which includes a successful track record in curating, public programming, collections stewardship, and fiscal planning. This has been further supplemented by over a decade of academic research and teaching in art history, museums, and cultural studies.

She holds a Master of Arts in art history from Queen's University and a PhD in Canadian studies from Carleton University. Her research is cross-disciplinary, with a focus on Canadian visual culture, museums, and display within transnational frameworks. She is a champion of cross-disciplinary initiatives and the central role that the arts can play in this process.

Dr. Dalton is active in promoting the importance of the arts through service to the community. She is currently president of the Atlantic Provinces Art Gallery Association. In addition, she currently sits on the Art in Public Spaces committee for the town of Wolfville, is a board member for the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award, and is a council member of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, which works to provide advice and leadership to Nova Scotia government through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

Dealers in or collectors of cultural property

Monte Clark

Owner and Director, Monte Clark

Current term – October 2023 to October 2027

Monte Clark is the Owner and Director of Monte Clark, a vanguard of the contemporary art world. His commitment to art transcends boundaries, providing a platform for Canadian and international artists to showcase their perpetual contributions to the realm of contemporary art.

Monte embarked on his artistic journey with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Victoria. His stature as a preeminent collaborator and industry leader has rendered him a sought-after figure within the art community. His influence spans across the globe, encompassing esteemed institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Louvre, and the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Founded in 1992 in Vancouver, Monte Clark’s gallery has evolved into a bastion of innovative and thought-provoking art. It expanded its footprint with a second location in Toronto, operational between 2001 and 2013. Monte and his team meticulously curate over 12 exhibitions annually, offering art enthusiasts and collectors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the works of both established and emerging artists. The gallery's active participation in art fairs and biennales further solidifies its standing as a dynamic force in the art world.

Monte Clark's commitment to the art community goes beyond the confines of his gallery. He has been a dedicated board member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, underscoring his unwavering support for the broader artistic landscape. His active involvement in multiple fundraising committees for the visual arts is a testament to his desire to nurture and sustain artistic practices.

One of Monte Clark's most laudable attributes is his dedication to nurturing emerging artists. His continual dialogue with burgeoning talents and his involvement in esteemed juries underscore his steadfast commitment to the future of contemporary art. Monte's journey in the art world stands as a testament to his passion, expertise, and resolute support for the artists who enrich the world through their work, making it a more vibrant and thought-provoking place.

Patricia Feheley
A photo of Patricia Feheley

Director, Feheley Fine Arts

Current term - May 2023 to May 2027

Patricia Feheley is the Director of the Feheley Fine Arts Gallery located in downtown Toronto. This Toronto gallery specializes in early and contemporary Inuit art. Over the last decade Feheley has spearheaded the gallery's ongoing program of catalogued exhibitions and has championed both senior Inuit artists such as Shuvinai Ashoona and Michael Massie as well as emerging artists such as Ooloosie Saila and Johnny Pootoogook.

Feheley holds a Master's Degree in Museology and Art History from the University of Toronto. She has an extensive administrative background in the visual arts, coupled with a lifetime of experience with Inuit and the Canadian Arctic. She has also published widely on the subject of Inuit art. Feheley is Past President of the Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) and currently serves on the ADAC Foundation Board. She is also a member of the Inuit Art Foundation Board.

Jo-Ann Kane
A photo of Jo-Ann Kane

Collection Management Consultant

Current Term - February 2022 to February 2025

Jo-Ann Kane is a collection management consultant specializing in art appraisal, collection management, and acquisition services for corporate clients and private collectors. She is an art historian with a Master's degree in Museology and a Bachelor's degree in Art History from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). She has been an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers since 2016.

Curator of the National Bank Collection of art since 2002, she continues to serve in this role on a contract basis. From 1997 to 2000, she was curator of the Hydro-Québec Art Collection. In her role as consultant and guest curator, Jo-Ann Kane has overseen several major projects for clients including National Bank, Cogir Real Estate, Lune Rouge, Deloitte, and Metfin Group.

In 2010, she was named Ambassador of the Faculty of Arts at UQÀM and in 2013 she participated in the Task Force on Cultural Philanthropy established by the Government of Quebec. She is the current Chair of the Board of Directors of the Guido Molinari Foundation.

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