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This report provides a statistical overview of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB) meeting of December 2023.

Request for review of an application for an export permit 2

Number of applications reviewed 64
Objects reviewed - Includes groupings of objects or collections 287
Total fair market value determined - In Canadian dollars $35.7 million
Certification decisions
Certified at the proposed value 44
Certified at a higher value 3
Certified at a lower value 14
Put on hold 2
Deferred 1
Certification by cultural property class
Natural History (including fossils, minerals and other natural history objects) and Archeology 0%
Objects of Material Ethnographic Culture 1.5%
Military Objects 0%
Objects of Applied and Decorative Arts 4.7%
Objects of Fine Arts 87.7%
Scientific or Technological Objects 0%
Archival Material 6.1%
Musical Instruments 0%
Audiovisual collections - (film, video, new media, including digital) 0%
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